Colour of the YEAR:

Dressed in the most stylish way is now possible as this spring has bought Emerald as the color of the year. This green color is vivid, fresh and seems luxurious at the same time. This cool color is apt for the spring and summer as it gives a very rich, soothing, cool comfortable and full of life  look. Picking up the garment of Emeralds would be the best choice this summers.

Patterns & Work:

Making an ethnically rich fashionable trend is Appliqué and Cutwork. It will be more noticeable trend this spring. Appliqué has a rich history and the contemporary mix that will make one look traditionally stylish. This pattern (appliqué and cutwork) on the top garment (Kurtas) will enhance the fashionable look yet  will keep one rooted to the traditional karigari of the past trends as well.

Salwar is Back Again:


Comfort is the key word of fashion and this summer the emphasis is mainly on the comfortable clothing. In ethnic dressing Salwar is considered the most comfortable lower garment. Shalwar Kameez was out of fashion for last two years but now its BACK. Especially for the elderly women who usually feel uncomfortable in trousers and Churidaars.

Light & Dark Hues:

The monochromatic combination of  light and dark hues are very fashionable and this spring summer the trend making a style statement for the most stunning ethnic look.

Laces Again with Other Embellishments:

Laces are still favoured by the designers this spring summer too as it completes the soft look of the garment. But with laces other embellishments are also used in enhancing the look. These decoratives are beads and buttons. Different designers have used the exclusive buttons and classy bead work in their outfits . The trend of lace, bead and buttons will certainly make style statement.



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